Review: “Death Ain’t But A Word” By Zander Marks


I was sent this book by the author for the purposes of reading and reviewing it.

This book is the story of Wilkin Jones, a crackhead who doesn’t really act like a crackhead. He seems to be able to turn it down whenever he wants. He does odd jobs for extra cash. And oh yeah, he can see the dead. Chief among these is Humphrey, Wilkin’s best friend who was killed when he was seven years old. Things start to get interesting when Humphrey’s murderer shows up after 23 years, intent on destroying any evidence of Humphrey’s remains, which happen to be buried under a seedy motel. As Wilkin runs, Humphrey’s skull in tow, the story travels across several states before its paranormal conclusion.

All that said, I really like the story of Wilkin. I like the premise of the book and where Marks went with it. My biggest frustration was with writing style. Too many repetitive sentences starting with a pronoun (He, She, It, etc.) or a character’s name. I think some variety would have made it more fluid and less choppy.

I also had some issues with the portrayal of dream scenes, where dialog is all in italics, but with no differentiation between one character’s lines and another’s. None of them had quotation marks. I found myself reading and re-reading those sections for context.

The format and plot were a bit predictable, but overall I really like the story. I would definitely recommend it for people who like edgy fiction.

Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5)


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