Review: “Love Him Or Leave Him” By Loni Love

Simon & Schuster was kind enough to provide, through NetGalley, a copy of this eGalley for the purposes of reading and reviewing it. Although it was provided at no cost to me, I am under no obligation to give a positive review.

A relationship and sex advice book for women? Somehow, I might not be the target audience for this book. 🙂 But at the same time, it is always nice to see what advice is being given to the fairer sex.

That said, this book was hilarious. Admittedly, I knew who Loni Love was, but wasn’t really familiar with her career or stand-up routine until reading this book. She’s definitely someone I find very amusing.

The premise of this book is simple: ladies, don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. But what I also like is that Love doesn’t make it appear that a woman should be the center of a relationship, just an equal partner. At one point, she doles out the following advice: “If you want your man, respect your man”. Exactly. And she makes it abundantly clear it’s a two-way street.

But the real catch of this book is the manner Love dishes out her advice. The format is much like an advice column, where Love poses a question from a woman and then replies in her own inimitable style. This is done in a very laid back, comical manner that is straight to the point. She also provides many real-world examples, many of which I presume are fabricated, to make her point.

So if you want some great, no-nonsense advice about life and relationships, this is definitely your book. It’s a rocking, rolling, hilarious, and quick read from one end to the other.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)


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