Review: “The Rag: Winter/Spring 2013”

I was provided a copy of this online magazine by the editor for the purposes of reading and reviewing it.

The theme of this issue was good / evil and what makes a person choose one path or the other. In that regard, the magazine certainly meets that goal. Each author takes a little different tack when approaching the subject, although each definitely has an edgy feel to it.

While not a big fan of poetry, the few sprinkled poems break up the prose offerings enough to provide a nice change of pace while still sticking with the theme.

I tend to be very much a fan of sci-fi / fantasy, but was pleased to see each of the stories in this issue are well-grounded in reality. While there are some very improbable or unlikely choices made by some characters, they are all realistic choices that could be made. At the same time, some characters were very human and did exactly what one would expect to do in the circumstance.

My favorite piece was probably “Zeke Stargazing” by Rachel Kimbrough. It certainly paints the picture of a Christmas nobody will soon forget.

I have bookmarked the web page for this magazine and will likely revisit them regularly to get copies of newer issues. I am definitely a fan of what they had to offer in this issue and can’t wait to read others. I would like to see some tighter editing of the stories, but this by no means detracts from the overall effect.

Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)