Review: “The Way Of The Warrior In Business” By Donald Wayne Hendon

I received a copy of this book from Independent Book Publishers Association, via NetGalley, for the purposes of reading and providing a review.

I must confess that when I first saw this title was available, I wasn’t that thrilled about it. Having read many Art Of War interpretations as related to business, I suspected this would be in a similar vein.

I actually was pleasantly surprised to find this book is almost exclusively focused on the marketing aspects of business and how they relate to The Way of The Warrior, so to speak. I was pleased to find Hendon references not only Sun Tzu in this text but other notable military leaders such as Napoleon and generals Douglas MacArthur and George Patton.

Also good to discover was Hendon’s assertion at various times that his book wasn’t for everyone. After laying out the different types of business leaders, classified from Falcon to Dodo Bird, Hendon specifically says that if you find yourself a passive business leader (Chicken or Dodo Bird), this book probably isn’t for you as you likely don’t have the personality to change from one end of the spectrum to another.

That said, if you are one who believes in aggressive marketing, this book is most definitely for you. The author explains many facets important to a marketer, such as types of attacks, risk / reward assessment, and how to take on and act like the big dogs. In that way, the author succeeds admirably.

My only beef is Hendon’s habit of plugging his website (one more time won’t hurt, right?) throughout the book. Sure, I get it, you need to feed business your way. But the author drops reference to his website, usually as an innocuous Web Alert sidebar, no less than 15 times in the book. Again, I get it, aggressive marketing. But Hendon also states in the book you should never under-estimate the intelligence of your customers / prospects or your competitors. If you’re giving your prospects due respect for their intelligence and tenacity in researching potential resources, why beat them over the head with one?

The author does, however, provide a nice list of resources besides his website, which the wise marketer will be sure to dig into.

Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)